Weight gain and liposuction process

Many people feel uneasy and somewhat embarrassed by the accumulation of fat in certain parts of their bodies. While fat accumulates in men, usually in the abdominal and sub-regions, this occurs in women in the abdomen and buttocks. It has been found that the fat stored in these areas in particular difficult to get rid of it through diet and physical sports, where we find: The person loses large amounts of grease in other areas before these difficult areas begin to affect

 Sports and food regimens

 Have a general effect on stored fat but have little effect on the areas mentioned

Until recently, it was believed that fat cells are mainly formed during childhood and that their number can only be increased at this stage, so that their number in adults is constant and does not increase, and the increase in weight in adults is by increasing the stock of fatty substances in fat cells that Increase in size accordingly

However, a recent study has shown that other cells can turn into extra fat cells in adults. When the weight of a person increases, the initial increase in the size and stock of the already existing fat cells and when these cells become so saturated and unable to store more fat, Give specific signals to special cells capable of switching to fatty cells to accept excess fat. These new fat cells are formed in areas typically characteristic of the abdomen, buttocks and vertebrae

In the case of these new fat cells, they remain fat cells are permanent and do not return to the former when the weight loss through food diet and sports, but its fat inventory is less than the original fat cells

People who make several attempts to lose weight through diet and then come back again to gain weight, find themselves and their condition worsened as the weight increases, as each time show additional extra fatty cells

Diet food

The diet that follows weight loss does not remove these cells, but reduces the fat content only. Liposuction is the most effective way to remove and destroy fat cells and thus reduce their number in certain areas. The lipid capsules are removed and the area of ​​the liposuction is reduced

 This process can also reduce weight and improve the overall shape, especially in the areas of the abdomen and buttocks. This procedure is performed under the supervision of the specialist either under the general anesthetic, where the extraction of large amounts of fat using equipment and special device for suction, or under the local anesthetic with or without general anesthetic and using special equipment , In which case it is suctioned manually by a large, conventional injector

Liposuction under local anesthetic is a safe and effective way to remove local irritants and grease, improve the shape of the procedure area, and allow the person to return home immediately after the procedure and can continue his daily activity as usual
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