The disadvantages of obesity, its causes and methods of disposal

The disadvantages of obesity, its causes and methods of disposal

Obesity is a complex diet that leads to weight gain of more than 10% of normal weight due to the accumulation of fat in different parts of the body. It has been described by regulations that can be returned to the normal weight by age, height and sex. There is an approximate method of calculation of natural weight for height By subtracting 100 cm tall in centimeters. The result is the approximate natural weight in kilograms, taking into account the structure of the body, the size of the muscles, the family and social inclination of the food type and the latter

 Is an important factor in contributing to the increase in weight among peoples, and there are psychological reasons may lead to excessive eating, and must differentiate between the weight gain from the accumulation of fats and the accumulation of water and salts

The standard of living is an important factor in determining the rates of weight gain among different peoples. It is therefore high in the American and European peoples as it reaches 40-50% of the adults, while these ratios are reflected among peoples with a low standard of living such as poor, developing and besieged peoples. Lack of food

The truth is that obese people may not like all kinds of obesity to occur as a result of eating more calories with higher calories than necessary to maintain the energy necessary for different metabolism and body activities

Some may say they eat moderate amounts of food like other people, but they are more overweight than others who consume the same amount of food! That's true! The reason is that they have two different characteristics. The first is that their digestive system has a greater ability to absorb food, and second, they do not need a lot of energy for their bodies, so this energy accumulates beyond the need of their bodies in the form of fatty substances deposited in different places of their bodies. They must reduce their intake of food and move more than others

 The importance of obesity from the facts established in many studies

 Over the decades, it is associated with and is a key factor among the causes of many of the most serious diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, liver and gallbladder disease, gout, cardiovascular disease, respiratory system and joint diseases and the spread of the feet and varicose veins

 Studies have shown that obesity is associated with various cancers

 A recent study found that pregnant women who are obese expose the fetus to the risk of congenital malformations as well as other health effects of pregnant women such as high blood pressure, pregnancy poisoning, diabetes and varicose veins

The fat lovers are consuming more food and drink, thus benefiting from the presence of factory owners and food shops. They also consume larger quantities of shops selling fabrics, clothing and footwear. Therefore, obese people can be regarded as an important source of trade and consumerism

Although it is difficult to return to normal weight in adults, try the following steps to suit each case

 To reduce the intake of carbohydrates, sugars and fats while maintaining the intake of proteins in sufficient quantities, the lowest one gram per kilogram of weight per day

 Reduce the salt of the table as it has been scientifically proven that avoiding the addition of salt to the table leads to the loss of a few kilograms of weight

The practice of physical exercise, such as walking, swimming and Swedish games regularly to spend more calories than the need of the body, taking into account the commitment to the amount of food and not respond to the appeal of appetite that may open the exercise

 Obesity caused by psychological reasons leads to increased binge eating need to consult psychologically to find out the causes and treatment

 Drug therapy and harsh rheumatism are ineffective and may have harmful and dangerous effects, so it is not advisable to resort to them

Liposuction processes in certain places of the body, such as the hips and abdomen, and are often resorted to women to maintain the overall shape and agility and have health benefits according to amounts of fat removed

 Since the quantity and quality of food are the main factors in the incidence of obesity, care should be taken to prevent them from teaching children and juveniles the correct eating habits and to guide them to eat vegetables, fruits and fresh meat and avoid foods saturated with fatty substances and reduce processed meals and canned green salad should be essential at the table and the fruit dish Place sweets and cakes
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