Fear of diseases

Do you know one who is always complaining that his immunity is weak and that he is the first to get infected with colds, infections, or other health disorders among his brothers and friends

Have you ever thought about why this person gets the most from other diseases

In life, we see different models of people around us, some healthy and others infected, some optimistic about what life will provide, and the other pessimistic and negative. Including an organized athlete, and also a zombie who suffers a serious increase in weight. How can some people get sick without others? On the other hand, that model meets them in difficult circumstances, challenging and overcoming the most difficult and dangerous diseases. Is the reason for the negative circle in which some people are confined themselves and thus become ill? Or that the disease is what causes them depression and negativity that brings them more negative and disease

Do not think about the disease

Think about how to enjoy health and wellness

There is no doubt that our sense of happiness and confidence in achieving what we seek to feed our ideas positively and provide us with the energy to take care of ourselves as we deserve. In fact, this is what the principle of "law of gravity" suggests based on the influence of feelings and ideas on the reality of man. Where the human body consists of the energy of "elements and electrons" fueled by the feelings and ideas of man, so that everything that happens in human life reflect his feelings and ideas, and what these feelings and ideas drive to adopt behaviors that affect his life, and what attracts those ideas also from events and facts, Popular "who is afraid of Ghoul, Vitaalh." It may be difficult for our societies to accept the fact that our way of thinking affects our present and unhealthy and healthy future

And for those who do not believe in the role of energy in the human body and its impact on our lives, we say: The role of energy and the pattern of thinking does not cancel the body needs of the translated practices of this thinking, it must accompany the mental effort practical application and effort through which we reach the body that we wish ourselves internally and externally , From caring for the body embracing our spirit and thoughts, and strengthening the muscles, physical, intellectual and emotional

Now you have to take back your healthy lifestyle and the way you treat yourself. There are those who treat himself with excessive caution, and he suffers. Obsession and leads to the destruction of himself with the illusions that he lives and the diseases that make up. Vtrah constant frequency to the doctor for or without reason, until it reaches a stage in which it becomes a real focus for those diseases, but this exaggerated picture, should not make us neglect our health. It is true that we must not make diseases the focus of our thinking, but we must also not lie to those signals that our bodies are trying to alert us to, and we must educate ourselves in matters of health prevention for us and our children

Instead of always thinking about how to avoid diseases, think about how to be active and active. That does not require more than a decision to start with a different, healthy, balanced lifestyle. Here are some tips that might help you start this change

Positive Thinking: Having a positive attitude stimulates activity, so keep thinking positive

Start your day by remembering God Yes, you may be having a morning coffee, or having a dear family member in your life, or other beautiful details in your life

Clean your body Stay away from eating all acidic food and toxins, and clean your digestive system, and support with minerals and vitamins

Take care of your diet

 And more alkaline foods such as foods containing potassium salts, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, such as vegetables and fruits, and some types of grains such as buckwheat, whole rice, coconut and municipal

Also, it is necessary to increase the natural juices of vegetables and fruits, and the proliferation of green paper, because it believes what the body needs of important minerals

Exercise to increase oxygen in cells, activate blood circulation, and stimulate the immune system and burning process in your body
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