Chronic fatigue is a disease that challenges doctors

Chronic fatigue is a disease that challenges doctors

May 12 marks the International Day of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a feeling of exhaustion that makes the patient feel like a dead person, unable to perform any effort, no matter how small. But this phenomenon remains an insurmountable mystery. Does the disease result in a virus, an immune system disease, or just a neurological disease

The researchers have not neglected any possibility of any path to research, but at least so far

French Annec Lenn is the founder of the Chronic Obesity Society and says it has been infected with the disease for eight years. Eight doctors have been reviewed in four years. I was diagnosed with hepatitis or other rare diseases, and when I was not diagnosed with these diseases they concluded that I suffer from «mental illness» and a general decline

I realized long after that the doctors did not really understand what I was suffering from. Finally, when I visit one of the large hospitals, a specialist in five minutes has come to diagnose my condition, and I suffer from chronic exhaustion syndrome

She then set up an association for the disease to educate the public and doctors alike and convince them that chronic exhaustion is a real disease

Excessive exhaustion is not usually a disease

 It is just a symptom associated with a variety of diseases such as thyroid diseases, anemia, chronic insomnia, hepatitis, interstitial cystitis, cancer, and AIDS. But chronic fatigue syndrome is different from normal and often temporary fatigue. The patient here suffers from a decline in the strong and hampered the achievement of his professional duties, family and social, and does not disappear this exhaustion even after taking a break

However, the disease is not specific and well defined so far. In France, for example, statistical studies of the disease were conducted between 1993 and 2001. The results varied enormously. Some of them reported that the number of people infected was 100, while other studies estimated 150,000. According to the report of a special task force in Britain, the British government acknowledged that the syndrome was a public and health problem

One-quarter of those infected with the syndrome are said to be severely injured, unable to leave their homes and spend their lives between the bed and a nearby knee.

The first signs of chronic exhaustion emerged as a specific disease about 40 years ago and appeared on the list of diseases published by the World Health Organization 33 years ago. About 500 researchers from around the world are seeking to uncover the secret of the disease, in an effort to find a cause, whether it is a virus, bacteria or the like. To date, more than 200 scientific studies have been published on this subject, with no conclusive results

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that chronic exhaustion is not an imaginary or delusional disease. The Center developed the following definition of the disease

Infertility for no apparent reason lasts more than four months, accompanied by at least four of the following symptoms

Disorders of the immune system
Sleep disorder
Short Memory Disorder
Lack of focus
Muscular or articular pain
Uncommon headache lasts for more than 24 hours due to no effort.

Although the few countries that recognize this syndrome as a disease have accepted this definition, it is not considered satisfactory or satisfactory so far. The doctor is not authorized to diagnose the disease unless it definitively excludes all other possible causes of exhaustion.

It usually takes about six months to prove that the patient is free of any of these diseases, and even the doctor concludes that he is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I.e. it is proven by default that absence of any other disease is possible and not a proof to identify a specific factor causing the disease, which is similar to the description of sarcastic sensitivity

The British report concludes that the recovery of this syndrome, after diagnosis in the patient, is not easy, and may not be achieved even within 10 years, but if the injury is mild and its impact on the health of the patient is a minor public, and this is the opinion of d. Anthony Bensheng from St. Bartolomeo Hospital in London

As long as the cause of the disease is unknown, finding an effective treatment for it seems unlikely, and the alternative currently is to give painkillers to muscle pain and joint pain, or to treat sleep disorders

The first track of research is the possibility of getting the disease because of the central nervous system. Brain images have already shown that people with the disease have more brain abnormalities than healthy ones. These abnormalities or anomalies in the temporal temporal lobe of the brain, which is about short memory, may be due to the lack of perfusion of this part of the blood, Due to various factors: virus, stress, inability to metabolize food

The second possible pathway is the virus, especially since the disease usually occurs after a contagious disease. When a person is infected with hepatitis or flu, he or she suffers from a decline in strength and exhaustion for days or weeks or worse for a few months, but the person with chronic fatigue syndrome suffers from exhaustion without a cure. But researchers have yet to find a specific virus that could be responsible for the disease

However, as long as the responsible health authorities in most countries do not recognize that chronic exhaustion is a real disease with its own entity, it will not be willing to allocate any funds to support research aimed at understanding and understanding its causes and treatment. The British government, which has recognized the disease despite the absence of definitive evidence, is exempt from this, meaning it will support research in this area
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